Five Hallmarks Of A Successful Telemarketer Or Call Center Representative


If you're contemplating a career as a cold caller or telemarketer, you may be wondering about specific requirements. While there may not be any higher educational requirements involved, most call center representatives and telemarketers do possess certain attributes that help them succeed. Note the following five hallmarks of a skilled telemarketer to determine if you have what it takes:

1. Clear Speaking Ability and Reading Skills

Obviously, if you're working as a telemarketer in a call center, you'll be reaching out to customers and potential clients over the phone. Your speech will need to be clear and comprehensible. Call center reps convey information over the phone concisely and effectively.

Successful telemarketers speak slowly without mumbling, and they don't use word spacers such as "um" or "uh". Their grammar and vocabulary skills are impeccable. They also possess excellent reading skills, as much of the time they will be required to study a written telephone speech. These written speeches may vary according to specific needs and products being offered. Telemarketers must also read telephone and zip code directories quickly, as there may be several hundred to go through during the course of the day.

2. Persuasive Phone Selling Skills

While any job involving selling requires a degree of persuasiveness, telemarketers need to be especially persuasive, as they cannot rely on facial expressions and gestures to get their point across. Typically, call center representatives have a short time frame to convey their message and close the sale. Their tone and inflection can be persuasive, but what they say matters as well.

To be persuasive, successful individuals may use certain "power words" in their conversation. Doing this right at the start may help build a rapport with the potential customer. Power words that seem to resonate with potential clients are "guaranteed", "proven", "results" and "solution".

In addition, successful telemarketers use evocative speech that begins with a question. Rather than asking, "Would you like to try...?", the successful telemarketer may ask, "How do you feel about...?" to persuade the phone recipient to engage in conversation. This will buy the caller more time to make the pitch.

Another way telemarketers are persuasive is by overcoming objections over the phone. Unlike face-to-face sales, being able to overcome an objection over the phone within seconds is crucial. For instance, if a potential customer says they don't want to switch to a new product or service, the successful telemarketer may inform the individual of a learning package or free instructional tool. The representative may also encourage questions, which is also part of being persuasive.

3. Insensitivity to Criticism (or Being "Thick-Skinned")

Yes, this is a true hallmark of a successful telemarketer. To be successful doing cold calling or call center work, you have to be able to handle a fair amount of rudeness over the phone, or in some cases, downright verbal abuse. A good telemarketer will be able to let harsh words "roll off their backs" and move on to the next call without losing their confidence.

4. Technical Equipment Skills

Telemarketers are not intimidated by modern technology, and will possess skills at using various types of equipment. Many call centers utilize the latest technology in telecommunications. This will include automatic dialing systems. In addition, telemarketers will need to complete orders in some type of database system. This often involves the use of computer software programs.

5. Ability to Focus in a Noisy Environment

A call center environment is generally noisy. Successful telemarketers are able to maintain their focus and objectives, not letting the flurry of activity surrounding them become distracting. In many settings, call center reps sit side by side in cubicles. These cubicles may be partitioned, but they are not sound sound-proof.

In order to succeed as a telemarketer, you will need to posses the above mentioned abilities. If you've never done telemarketing or call center work, you may be able to develop important skills through on the job training and experience. To learn more, you might want to attend telemarketing training workshops and seminars. You can also click here for more information.


16 July 2015

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