Comic Book Shops: 3 Types Of Digital Marketing Games To Entice & Engage Customers


When operating a comic book store, there are constantly new releases to promote and get readers excited about. When selling printed materials like comic books, it's still important to engage your customers digitally for a better reach and daily presence in their life. As you plan out marketing strategies for your comic book store, you can work with a digital marketing services company to execute all types of different ideas. One way of engaging your customers is with digital marketing games. These games can improve interaction and help draw people directly to your store. Browse through three different games that a marketing team can help you create through a digital marketing plan. Each type of game can be reused through different promotions and really help your business stand out.

Choose Your Hero

One of the easiest ways to engage customers and encourage visits to your store is with percent off coupons. When setting up a texting or email marketing campaign, you can turn a coupon offering into a fun digital game. In a choose-your-hero marketing game, you can supply customers with a list of heroes to choose from. The hero that they choose will be associated with a specific coupon for the store. For example, you may send out a text that lists Batman, Robin, and Superman. If someone chooses Robin, they may receive a 10% off coupon, but if someone texts Batman, they may receive a 12% off coupon. A digital marketing company can help set up the automatic texts and coupon codes to use with your business. When using emails for this game, pictures of the heroes can link directly to coupons instead of just being text-based. Along with heroes, you can use villains or other types of comic book themes. Once the coupon is delivered, a person can visit your store for various purchases.

Comic Book Guessing Game

Social media is a great platform to share pictures and use images for digital marketing. Along with posting pictures of your business and new comic book arrivals, you can make a fun game out of it. When taking pictures, you can take an image of a portion of a comic book cover. You could also take an image of a whole comic book cover and blur it out. After posting it to social media, you can start a guessing game for people to name the correct cover. All of the people who correctly guess the comic book cover can be entered to win a gift certificate or the actual issue of the comic. These contests can be held on a weekly on monthly basis to help engage customers and give people something to look forward to playing each month.

Let's Make a Deal

Along with images of comics you have, you can engage with customers by seeing what types of items they have. Instead of offering basic discounts, you can grant specific deals to other comic book collectors through a "Let's Make a Deal" inspired game. Also known as a "Quickie Deal", audience members would get prizes for having specific items. Using digital marketing, you can offer discounts in the same fashion. For example, you can offer a 15% discount on Iron Man comic books for anyone who brings an Iron Man action figure to your store. You could also offer free comics for the first 10 customers to bring a specific item to your store. Digital marketing companies will help you set up these simple games across multiple social media platforms so you can easily get the word out.

Contact a digital marketing company to help formulate strategies for these games and the best ways to start them on social media platforms or digital websites.  


11 July 2016

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