What To Look For When Evaluating A New Entertainment News Website


Entertainment news is hot, and the number of sites that offer stories and quizzes about celebrities and entertainment keeps growing. Separating the sites that offer valuable information from those that are just out to get page views can be tricky given how easy it is for a site to make itself look nice. There are some great entertainment sites out there, though, and they all tend to follow a few rules. If you want to find out if a new entertainment site is worth your time, check it out for these qualities.


With so much fake news flooding the internet -- especially celebrity death hoaxes -- sites have to be very careful about what they go ahead and print. It's normal for an entertainment site to try to be at the forefront of breaking news, but good entertainment sites exercise some due caution and try to confirm news. For example, for celebrity deaths, does the site post the basic news with no confirming statements from publicists or agents? Does the site merely parrot something on social media? Good sites will have confirmation from publicists, agents, hospitals, or even family reports on social media that have been verified as real and not hacks.

Minimal Sensationalism

Search the site for news related to a tragedy. If something terrible happens, how does the site react? Does it stay relatively calm? Stories about how sad some news is are fine, of course, but there's sentimentality and then there's sensationalism. Look at how respectful the treatment of others involved in the event is. Good sites stay respectful, even if they're reporting on someone who may have committed a crime.


Look for celebrity interviews. That's one of the biggest clues the site is worth reading. If the celebrities trust the site enough to give an interview, that's a hint that the site may take great care in its reporting.

Equal Treatment

Also look at stories dealing with male and female celebrities. Are they treated roughly equally, or are the stories rife with gender stereotypes? Society still has some ingrained gender-role issues, so the reporting might not be perfect. But blatant inequality is a red flag.

Using these qualities, you can quickly start to separate the great sites from the ones that might not be so informative. Entertainment news sites should entertain in a responsible way, and the good ones really have that down pat. Check out sites like Parlemag for the latest celebrity and entertainment news.


22 March 2017

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