Automating Social Media Services: Potentially Harmful Mistakes


Social media services are more frequently being automated. Companies have found that they no longer have time to manage their social media themselves -- so, instead, they resort to scheduling, automatically generated content, and automated platforms. But though this can save money and time, it can also lead to some potentially harmful mistakes. Here are some of the common issues that arise when dealing with social media.

Utilizing Multiple Social Media Services

When using multiple social media services for automation and tracking, two problems can happen: content can be duplicated and re-duplicated throughout your services, and content can actually interfere with each other. It's a best practice to either use a single platform to manage all of your social media accounts or to at least use one platform per social media website. Connecting to a single social media account through multiple services can also lead to usability issues, such as getting locked out for suspicious login attempts.

Posting Generated Content Without Administrator Approval

One of the biggest mistakes many individuals make is allowing generated content to show up without approval. When this happens, generated content that is inappropriate or that could be offensive may be seen by followers. Even large organizations such as Facebook has fallen prey to this; occasionally fake articles will end up in their news stream, because these fake articles are drawn automatically from their resources. It's always better to have content generated and then to wait for live human approval.

Distributing Large Volumes of Generic Content

When using automation, it can be tempting to increase volume in order to increase engagement. But this is actually a bad idea; it's often not the amount of content that is important, but the value. Every platform has its own "best frequency"; with Twitter it's usually multiple times a day, with Facebook it's usually multiple times a week. Adhere to a set schedule of posting and make sure that at least some of the content is unique, informative, and timely. Promoting generic content will only reduce engagement.

Though automation and scheduling does have its place in social media, it can often simply create generic, high volume accounts. There are other ways that social media can be controlled with limited impact to an organization -- such as through distributing the work load through employees. By involving employees in social media efforts, companies can sidestep having to have dedicated social media departments, while still gaining the advantages. For more information, contact a company like staffvibe.


26 June 2017

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