3 Tips For Giving Your Website An Updated Look


Web design trends change over the years and it is important to keep your website updated to improve aesthetics and functionality. Updating your website can make it easier to use and help you send the right message to visitors.

Use The Long-Scroll Layout

Unless your website has a few pages with simple information, the long-scroll layout may be a better way to convey information. One annoyance for visitors, especially on mobile devices, is the need to click through several pages to look at your website or even to read a single article. Try to minimize the workload on your audience by using templates that place information on a single page. To make the page more intuitive, you should order content to match the main menu at the top. This way, your visitors will have a general idea when they will reach the bottom of the page, as opposed to feeling like they may scroll forever.

Take Your Own Pictures

Stock photography is a popular resource for websites because it allows you to quickly and affordably choose from a bank of photos. Unfortunately, using stock images is becoming less desirable, mostly because the same images can be found across multiple websites, and many photos of people are obviously staged and boring. With a small investment, you can begin taking your own pictures for your website. Many smartphones have high-quality cameras capable of taking the photos needed for your website and it is easy to snap pictures on demand. Consider taking nature and still-life photos just to build up your portfolio of photo options. Unless you have friends that are willing to model for your photos, you may need to rely on stock photos for these pictures. When choosing stock photos of people or taking the pictures yourself, you want realistic images with people being candid, not staged.

Include Appropriate GIFs

GIFs have become increasingly popular on social media and can be a useful addition to your website. When using these small animations, less is more. You do not want many additions to your website that will require significant bandwidth or storage space, because it could drastically slow down your website. Choose one or two GIFs that make the most impact and are eye-catching. For example, if you have a link to an online store on your website, highlighting this link with a shopping cart GIF would make visitors automatically notice the link. Ideally, you should invest in having a GIF made for you instead of using low-quality options that are freely available online.

To keep your website relevant, it is important to look at yearly trends and adjust accordingly. Having a modern feel to your website will give visitors a good user experience.


25 July 2017

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