Tips For Building A Social Media Following As An Artist Or Crafter


Creating a name for yourself as an artist or crafter requires a social media following. Knowing the right tactics to use can help you go from unknown to the next go-to influencer on social media.

Start Subtle

Most people in the arts and crafts niche start subtly when they are building name recognition. The best way to gain some attention is to interact with other artists and crafters and relevant brands on their social media accounts. Since business social media accounts and their groups will have restrictions on what you can post, you will have to be mindful of how you promote your work. For example, most brands only want you to showcase your own designs using their products and will not allow you to directly advertise your work on their account. Routinely showcasing your work, when appropriate, might help you attract attention from the community, or a brand may want you as part of their design team.

Tag Appropriately

Even if you post a picture of your work in a social media group, you need to post the work again on your own account. Tagging your pictures appropriately will make it easier for people on social media to find your work and subsequently subscribe to your feed. With any form of art, it is important to include keywords, such as the media, supplies, or the brands you used for the project. When people search on social media for someone to follow or project ideas, they will generally use terms like "watercolor" or "peyote stitch" or a certain brand of supplies. In addition to your work, you should also share pictures of new supplies you purchased or anything relevant, since people generally enjoy seeing what other creators are buying.

Expand The Types Of Posts

At the beginning of your social media journey, you might only share your projects, but as you gain traction, you need to find other types of posts to share. Followers want more than just showcasing your work — they often want you to share techniques or provide other useful information. Turn your social media into a teaching tool by showing pictures of your works in progress or posting educational videos. Engage your followers by asking them what they want to see so you are more likely to invest in posts that are of use to your audience.

As an artist or crafter, it may be easier to start branding yourself by gaining a following on social media. Building a following is a way to sell your work or find opportunities as a teacher or influencer.

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9 April 2019

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