3 Keys To Developing An Effective Ecommerce Website


If your business is looking to grow and sell as many products as possible, you need the right eCommerce website. This is where consumers can go to learn more about your company and make transactions. With these eCommerce website design tips, you can thrive in any industry.  Keep It Simple and Organized  Where a lot of designers go wrong when creating these websites is putting too much on each page, in hopes of attracting users.

18 January 2018

3 Tips For Giving Your Website An Updated Look


Web design trends change over the years and it is important to keep your website updated to improve aesthetics and functionality. Updating your website can make it easier to use and help you send the right message to visitors. Use The Long-Scroll Layout Unless your website has a few pages with simple information, the long-scroll layout may be a better way to convey information. One annoyance for visitors, especially on mobile devices, is the need to click through several pages to look at your website or even to read a single article.

25 July 2017

Automating Social Media Services: Potentially Harmful Mistakes


Social media services are more frequently being automated. Companies have found that they no longer have time to manage their social media themselves -- so, instead, they resort to scheduling, automatically generated content, and automated platforms. But though this can save money and time, it can also lead to some potentially harmful mistakes. Here are some of the common issues that arise when dealing with social media. Utilizing Multiple Social Media Services

26 June 2017

2 Reasons To Hire A Marketing Service For Your Law Firm


One of the biggest and most beneficial resources available for your law firm is a marketing service that specializes in legal services and law firms because of the various marketing options that they can provide you with. Listed below are two reasons to hire a marketing service for your law firm. Creative Advertising One of the hardest parts about trying to market your law firm is being able to get people to actually pay attention to your advertisements.

3 May 2017

Two Reasons Attending A Legal Marketing Boot Camp Isn't As Expensive As You Think


If you're struggling to generate business for your law firm, attending a marketing boot camp can be an immeasurably valuable experience. However, these boot camps can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, not including travel and accommodations. At first glance this may seem like too much money, but here are two reasons why investing in this type of training is not as expensive as you think.

10 April 2017

What To Look For When Evaluating A New Entertainment News Website


Entertainment news is hot, and the number of sites that offer stories and quizzes about celebrities and entertainment keeps growing. Separating the sites that offer valuable information from those that are just out to get page views can be tricky given how easy it is for a site to make itself look nice. There are some great entertainment sites out there, though, and they all tend to follow a few rules.

22 March 2017

Comic Book Shops: 3 Types Of Digital Marketing Games To Entice & Engage Customers


When operating a comic book store, there are constantly new releases to promote and get readers excited about. When selling printed materials like comic books, it's still important to engage your customers digitally for a better reach and daily presence in their life. As you plan out marketing strategies for your comic book store, you can work with a digital marketing services company to execute all types of different ideas. One way of engaging your customers is with digital marketing games.

11 July 2016

Mind Your Own Business! 3 Ways Custom Designed Software Can Help Your Small Business


Running a small business means you will face certain challenges. Not only is it difficult to run the race against the dynamics of larger corporations, it is also hard to find out-of-the-box software the meets the needs of your specific business needs. Fortunately, custom design software can help. As a small business owner, you likely have a smaller IT budget, which means you are wondering if custom software is right for you.

22 December 2015

Five Hallmarks Of A Successful Telemarketer Or Call Center Representative


If you're contemplating a career as a cold caller or telemarketer, you may be wondering about specific requirements. While there may not be any higher educational requirements involved, most call center representatives and telemarketers do possess certain attributes that help them succeed. Note the following five hallmarks of a skilled telemarketer to determine if you have what it takes: 1. Clear Speaking Ability and Reading Skills Obviously, if you're working as a telemarketer in a call center, you'll be reaching out to customers and potential clients over the phone.

16 July 2015