Mind Your Own Business! 3 Ways Custom Designed Software Can Help Your Small Business


Running a small business means you will face certain challenges. Not only is it difficult to run the race against the dynamics of larger corporations, it is also hard to find out-of-the-box software the meets the needs of your specific business needs. Fortunately, custom design software can help. As a small business owner, you likely have a smaller IT budget, which means you are wondering if custom software is right for you.

22 December 2015

Five Hallmarks Of A Successful Telemarketer Or Call Center Representative


If you're contemplating a career as a cold caller or telemarketer, you may be wondering about specific requirements. While there may not be any higher educational requirements involved, most call center representatives and telemarketers do possess certain attributes that help them succeed. Note the following five hallmarks of a skilled telemarketer to determine if you have what it takes: 1. Clear Speaking Ability and Reading Skills Obviously, if you're working as a telemarketer in a call center, you'll be reaching out to customers and potential clients over the phone.

16 July 2015